Making Strides Toward Our Sustainability Targets


At Kingspan, our mission is to accelerate a net-zero emissions future-built environment with people and planet at its heart. Planet Passionate is our 10-year global sustainability program that sets several ambitious targets across four focus areas: carbon, energy, circularity and water. These targets will help Kingspan and our partners contribute to a clean energy future, manage the earth’s resources more sustainably and protect our natural environment.

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One of Kingspan’s Global Planet Passionate energy targets is to add solar PV systems to all our wholly owned facilities and achieve 60% direct renewable energy use by 2030. We’re already making progress toward that goal. In fact, 79 solar PV panel installations at Kingspan locations around the world generated 35.4 GWh of clean energy in 2023. That’s enough clean solar energy to electrify 2,900 American homes per year*.

Planet Passionate touches every aspect of Kingspan’s business, from our material suppliers and employees to our customers and the communities in which we work. We’re committed to working together to address the negative material impacts we have on our environment and community. By setting robust, specific targets like those outlined below and pursuing an accelerated pace for progress, we can make a significant difference on Kingspan’s environmental footprint and the behavior of the commercial construction sector. Planet Passionate is truly a pillar of Kingspan and is creating an important distinction for how we do business.

*US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator. 14,758 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

Our Four Focus Areas



Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

  • Achieve net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030
  • 50% reduction in product CO2e intensity from our primary supply partners by 2030
  • Zero emission company funded cars by 2025


Increase the Use of Renewable Energy

  • 60% direct renewable energy use by 2030
  • 20% on-site renewable energy generated by 2030
  • Solar PV systems on all wholly owned facilities by 2030


Increase Recycling and Lower Waste

  • Zero company waste to landfill by 2030
  • 1 billion PET bottles recycled into our manufacturing processes by 2025
  • All QuadCore products utilizing recycled PET by 2025


Harvest Rainwater and Support Ocean Clean-up

  • Harvest 100 million liters of rainwater annually by 2030
  • Support 5 ocean clean-up projects by 2025

Kingspan Publishes Fourth Annual Planet Passionate Global Report

Earlier this year, Kingspan released its annual report outlining advancements made in 2023 toward our ambitious sustainability goals outlined in the Planet Passionate program. Download the report for an in-depth look at Kingspan’s progress toward its milestones in all four target areas.

Explore Our Report 

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