Continuing Innovation and Commitment to Decarbonize Operations

In June 2021 we voluntarily updated our science-based targets to bring them in line with 1.5oC future.

We continue to bring innovative, energy efficient, building envelope solutions to the market. The insulated systems we sold in 2021 will save an estimated 193 million tons of carbon (tCO2e) over their lifetime, equivalent to the emissions from 42 million passenger vehicles in a year.

We are delivering on our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of key products while maintaining their high-performance through our investment in H2 Green Steel, a company pioneering new production methods for lower-impact steel manufacturing using green hydrogen. Use of lower-emissions steel could help us reduce the embodied carbon of our insulated panel products in Europe by up to 45%.  

While we are pleased to report that we reached the majority of our Planet Passionate targets for the second year in a row, we know we have more work to do and look forward to building on our progress in 2022.

Always Planet Passionate, we remain committed to using resources efficiently, protecting the natural world and delivering high-performance, energy-efficient products and solutions.

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Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) is a method to compare various greenhouse gases based on their global warming potential. One metric ton of a greenhouse gas is converted to the equivalent number of metric tons of CO2 emissions with the same global warming potential.

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